The Mizoram State Election Commission has issued a Circular on 9th October, 2019 regarding the upcoming Sinlung Hills Council Election as follows :

As provided under section 126-A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 and in line with the notification issued by the Election Commission of India on 7.4.2019, the result of opinion/exit polls carried out at any time, should not be published, publicized or disseminated in any manner, whatsoever, by print, electronic or any media during the 48 hours ending with the hour fixed for conclusion of poll.

In the current General Election to the Sinlung Hills Council, 2019, poll is scheduled to be held on 5th November, 2019 (Tuesday) and the hour fixed for conclusion of Poll is 4:00PM. Therefore, the period during which results of opinion/exit polls are not to be published/disseminated shall start from 4:00PM of 03.11.2019 and shall end at 4:00PM of 05.11.2019.

It is further explained that -
1). ‘Electronic Media’ includes Radio and Television - both Government owned and Private, and covers satellite/DTH, Terrestrial and cable channels.
2). ‘Dissemination’ includes publication in any newspaper, magazine or periodical, or display on electronic media, or circulation by means of any pamphlet, poster, placard, handbill and any other documents.