Heavy rainfall with intermittent  gusts continues to batter the whole  Mizoram state since last Sunday night wreaking havoc and causing large scale destructions  on public infrastructures  and private properties in many parts of the state.

As per the latest reports collected by the state's  Department of Disaster Management(DM&R) and Department of Information & Public Relations(I&PR),  families from more than 150 submerged  residential houses at Tlabung Town, Lunglei District and Sairang Village, Near Aizawl city are being evacuated as the flood continue to rise and rise. The paddy fields in many parts of the state at the low lying areas are being submerged.

Life and activities within Aizawl, the state capital city is also partly disrupted due to destruction of many internal roads, Electric current cables, pavements, private houses caused by the storm and heavy rainfall. The main route to Lengpui  Aiport, formerly National Higway 54  has been blocked by mudslides  even as the clearance work is going on.  Until this afternoon, obstructions of roads due to landslides continues to increase within the city . At the same the government is  working in full swing to bring normalcy in the state.