Nimin Dt 13.9.2012 khan Soil and Water Conservation Department Mamit District hnuai a NLUP 2nd phase Rubber thlang tute chhungkaw 33 te hnenah lo vahna turin Rs. 5000/-theuhin tanpuina sum sem a ni.

Chhungkaw thlanchhuah te hi Tumpanglui chhungkaw - 7, New Eden chhungkaw - 22 leh Tuidam chhungkaw - 4 te an ni. Sum semchhuah hi avaiin Rs.1,65,000,00- a ni.

Soil and Water Conservation Mamit hnuai ah hian NLUP 2nd Phase atana lo vahna tur sum pekchhuah tawh zat chu hetiang hi a ni. Rubber - 117 families;  Coffee - 43 families;  Broom - 85 families; TOTAL - 245 families@ Rs 5000/- a vaiin Rs 12,25,000.00