Parliamentary Secretary  Lal Thanzara inaugurated  K.K Dairy situated near Bawngkawn Bazar, yesterday afternoon at 2:15pm.This K.K Dairy is established and named after K.Kawla,  one of the famous  footballers amongst Mizos,  by his son Samuel. 
Speaking at the inaugural function,Lal Thanzara pointed out that, God has showered his blessings abundantly on  K.Kawla's family  today as it was  a  God fearing  one  right from  their ancestors. Since they have achieved so much on their own, Government felt responsibility of extending helping hand and assistance as necessary, added Lal Thanzara. Expressing his happiness over establishment of K.K.Dairy,  Lal Thanzara, said that milk is very nutritious food and with opening of  K.K Dairy Aizawl City will get  larger supply of nutritious food in the form of milk. Moreover, said the Chief Guest,  since the ultimate aim of Government's flagship programme NLUP is creation of permanent livelihood for those  of who remained  perennially unemployed.  He wished K.K Dairy to become a provider of livelihoods to the needy, rather than confining itself only to the family.

K.K Dairy is  the first Dairy of its kind run wholly by private entrepreneurs and established  last month  with daily output of 600litres,  collecting milk from small milch cattle rearers  from  nearby villages at the rate  ranging from  not less than Rs 30/-per litre depending upon the quality of the milk. It employs 5 workers and  all the Dairy machineries and its  accessories have been bougth from Gujarat.