The Planning Commission on 25th October 2012  released a sum of  Rs. 370.00 crore (grant) from the plan outlay of 2012-13 as ACA for taking up activities of the “Comprehensive and Integrated Socio-Economic Development Project under the New Land Use Policy (NLUP), Govt. of Mizoram’’.

 This Project which aims at bringing about socio economic development by ensuring sustainable means of livelihood to the rural and urban poor is the flagship programme of the state government and was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 15th July 2010. With the release of this amount, the total release so far for NLUP sums up to Rs. 838.82 crores (grant). This amount like the earlier amounts will be passed on to the implementing agencies/line departments.

 The success of NLUP has also resulted in more funds being earmarked to the state government under the Rastriya Krishi Vigyan Yojana (RKVY). Under the RKVY, a sum of Rs. 148.00 crore has been released for the current financial year while during 2011 – 12 and 2010 – 11, the amount released to the state government stood at Rs. 30.36 crore and Rs. 3.72 crore respectively.

 A meeting of the NLUP Implementing Board held yesterday at the office chamber of the Agriculture Minister Pu H. Liansailova took a decision to rename ‘Agriculture Link Roads’ which have come up in rural areas as a result of the flagship programme as ‘NLUP Roads’.