As Lunglei town gears up to start waste segregation at source from tomorrow (1st April, 2021), a Press Meet was held at the office of the HPC Vice Chairman Pu Lawmawma Tochhawng at noon today to discuss the project at length, and to explore various awareness mechanisms to educate citizens on the issue.

HPC Vice Chairman Pu Lawmawma Tochhawng made an appeal to the citizens of Lunglei town to do their bit for the environment by complying with the new guidelines, and educating their fellow citizens on the importance of the issue. He stated that at the moment, there are no plans to distribute dustbins in Lunglei town specifically for the project, and that plans are underway to make subsidized dustbins available to BPL families under the Solid Waste Management Project. He invited the mediapersons present to make the most use of their powerful platform in spreading awareness to citizens on the issue.

Lunglei DC & Town Sanitation Task Force Chairman Pu Kulothungan A informed the gathering that Lunglei Town Sanitation Task Force members in partnership with NGOs and VCs, are prepared to implement the project on a war footing. He also stated that the successful Swachh Dooth campaign of other States would also be implemented in Lunglei town, and that women from 158 SHGs in Lunglei town would be campaigning door-to-door for the project.

DUDO Lunglei District Pu Andrew Lalhruaia reported that all initial groundwork has been laid for implementation of the long awaited waste segregation at source for Lunglei town, and that all stakeholders have been consulted, and are aligned with the objectives of the project. He stated that a Consultation Workshop was organized on 25th March 2021, with an aim of readying the town for the proposed waste segregation at source timeline of 1st April 2021. The workshop was attended by all the important stakeholders including Lunglei Town Sanitation Task Force members, VC, YMA, MUP, MHIP and Clean Lunglei members, he added.


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