State Election Commission, Mizoram has issued Notification for General Election to Village Councils, 2020 on 5 August, 2020, according to which the poll shall take place on 27th August, 2020 (Thursday).

Therefore, in the interest of preserving the fairness of election process and rendering the same reflection of true choice of the people, the State Election Commission, in exercise of the powers vested in it under Article 243K of the Constitution of India read with sub-rule (1) of Rule 3 of the Mizoram (Election to Village Councils), Rules, 2014 and other powers enabling it in this behalf, hereby issues the following restrictions on the use of vehicles during Poll Day for General Election to Village Councils, 2020:-

(i) No hiring or procuring or use of vehicles by a candidate or his agent or by any
other person with the consent of the candidate or his election agent for the free
conveyance of the voters to and fro the polling station shall be allowed.
(ii) In their respective Village Council area, each contesting candidate is allowed to
use one vehicle for his own use on request. The Returning Officer concerned shall
issue the vehicle permit as per proforma.

The State Election Commission further orders that the District Administration shall keep a close watch on the vehicles used by Candidates and persons accompanying the contesting candidates and their supporters for any possible mischief, including criminal activities like carrying of illegal arms and weapons. If any of these vehicles, either of a contesting candidate or a private owner, is found to be involved in any such act or for carrying anti-social elements with a view to intimidating or creating terror in the minds of the voters, it should be the duty of the District Administration to impound such vehicles and not to release them till the process of election is completed. In addition, action against the owner, the occupant/occupants and the candidate who is involved in such illegal activities shall also be taken as per law.