A review meeting of all officers of the Information and Public Relations, including the District Information & Public Relations Officers was held under the stewardship of the Director, I & PR Department Pi Lallianpuii at the Directorate Office at Aizawl.

Pi Lallianpuii who chaired the meeting underlined the important yet sensitive role of the Department in the light of the changing media scenario. She stated that as information officers, they are a medium and a channel of governmental communication while as public relations officers they are a bridge between the public and the government. She further remarked that in today’s world where information travels very fast and becomes viral, they as information officers must be careful in their reporting. 

The meeting deliberated upon important issues regarding press releases, public relations, modes of dissemination of information and challenges of new and social media. The meeting also discussed the Department’s promotional role in arts, films and photography.


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