2021.10.14 Revised Entry Point SOP--.pdf

Aizawl the 15th October, 2021 : Revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Covid-19 tests at the entry points of the State of Mizoram

1. Screening at Entry Points and Quarantine:

1.1 All the entrants to the State of Mizoram shall fulfil the formalities prescribed by Home Department, Government of Mizoram, and shall also be screened for Covid- 19 at the entry screening points with RAgT for Covid-19 unless exempted under sub-para 1.5 below.

1.2 All persons tested positive shall be isolated/ treated as per existing Covid- 19 management protocol.

1.3 Asymptomatic persons tested negative vitli RAgT may not be qurantined, but shall follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CA2f).

1.4 Symptomatic persozt tested negative with RAgT shall be tested with RT-PCR/ TrueNat and shall be quarantined for a period of 5 (five) days even if he/she is found negative in such a test, and be tested again with RT-PCR/TrueNat ofter the said 5 (five) days.

1.5 Exemption from RAgT screening: Asymptomatic Persons entering Mizoram may be exempted from entry point screening and quarantine subject to production of the following documents before the Entry Point Screening Team:

(1 ) Negative RT-PCR/TrueNat/ CBNAAT test Report for Covid- 19 issued by a recognised laboratory within 72 hours prior to the time of entry, OR

(2) Certificate (downloaded from cowin portal) for full-dose Covid vaccination taken at least 15 days betote the date of entry. OR

(3) Certificate of discharge from Home Isolation or Covid care facility issued by the competent authority within 3 months prior to the date of eniry.

Provided that persons having the certificate under Sub-paras (2) or (3) shall monitor themselves for any symptom of Covid-19 for 7 days while strictly following the CAB.

Provided further that no symptomatic entrant shall be exempted from RAgT screening even if he/she produces any of the Certificates mentioned here above.

2. Self-Monitoring: Persons to monitor themselves shall strictly follow CAB viz. social distancing, proper wearing of face-mask covering mouth and nose, and hand hygiene; and watch out for any of the Covid-19 symptoms as indicated below, and shall seek advice from the CMO/ MO concerned or the Helpline at telephone Nos. 102/ 0389 2323336/ 0389 2322336/ 0389 2318336.—

i. Fever.
ii. Cough.
iii. Loss of taste/ smell.
iv. Sore throat/ throat irritation.
v. Malaise/ Weakness.
vi. Body ache /Headache.
vii. Gastro-intestinal upset.
viii. Diarrhoea.
ix. Dizziness.
x. Anorexia/ Nausea/ Vomiting.
xi. Shortness of breatW breathlessness.