The General Election to the Lok Sabha, 2024 was held today from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. As of 5:00 pm, according to the ECI Voter Turnout Portal, the voter turnout for Aizawl district was 46.75% (subject to change as final data is not available)

Aizawl District Election Officer and Deputy Commissioner Nazuk Kumar visited various polling stations and thanked the voters and election officials for their efforts. As the Returning Officer for Mizoram Parliamentary Constituency, she also praised the polling parties for their selflessness and commended those who had to traverse difficult roads and terrain. She also emphasized on the value of the people's votes to uphold the principles of democracy, and reminded everyone to remember their civic duty as a citizen.

There are 2,88,268 voters in Aizawl district, out of which 1,34,820 are male and 1,53,448 are female, and there are 321 polling stations.

For the first time, a polling station where all polling officials are Persons with Disabilities (PwD) was set up at Govt. Combined Middle School, Zarkawt. Two Model Polling Stations and one Unique Polling Station were also set up. Mizoram Scouts and Guides were on duty at these polling stations, giving assistance to the old and differently abled voters. 32 people were also on hand under the guidance of the Chief Medical Officer to provide medical assistance if needed.

After the casting of votes, the polling parties returned the EVMs and VVPATs to the receiving centres - DC Office, Assembly Secretariat Annexe building and Govt. Aizawl College, where they will be kept and protected in strong rooms until the counting of votes.


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