Pi Suman Goyal, IPS, Superententdent of Police, Saiha District, Saiha inaugurated a 3days Women PYKKA Tournament held at District Playground, Saiha Vengpui, here at saiha at 10:30am. This inaugural function was chaired by Pi K.Pari, President Mara Chano Py (M.CH.P).

In her inaugural speech, Pi Suman reminded the gathering of women sports persons that no height was higher than their will power, no height was too high to surmount with strong determination. She also said that Winning was not the be all and end all thing in sports; it was the spirit of participation with a true grit of sportsmanship that counts at the end. Pi Suman Goyal also exhorted women sports persons presented there to abstain themselves from all the vices of intoxicants and to uphold themselves in worth emulating manner. She prodded them further to put their hearts and souls into their chosen field, so that no hurdles were insurmountable in their patch to glory, a glory not only for Saiha District and Mizoram but for the whole India. "In the fast changing world, women were as good, if not better, as men in every fields including sports, therefore we cannot afford to take games & sports merely for fun and physical exercises, or keep it only for men, it is a livelihood for those who excelled in it, you can excel and make it your livelihood ", she added.

This inaugural function was attended by women sport persons from various VCs under Saiha District. 


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