Vawiin khan State Agricultural Management Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) buatsaih, ni thum awh tur, ‘Training on Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programmes and Project’ hawnna hun, Agriculture Conference Hall-ah neih a ni a.

Training hawnna hun hi Dr. B.Lalrosiami Khuhly, Faculty SAMETI in a kaihruai a. He training hawnna a khuallian, Dr. H.Saithantluanga, Agriculture Director (Research & Extension) chuan loneitute lakluh tihpun nan chuan Agriculture leh a kaihhnawih department hrang hrang te thawh ho a tul zia a sawi a. Hemi atan hian Research & Extension lam tih hmasawn a, KVK lam pawh thuam chak tum chhoh mek zel a nih thu te sawiin, SAMETI leh KVK hi, Agriculture Department ta chauh ni lo in, Department dangte nena kan intawm anih zia a sawi a. SAMETI Faculty thiam tak tak, State dang ten an neih ai a tha kan nei a, kan vannei hle a ni, a ti a. Hemi zawh hian training hawnna hun a hmang nghal bawk a ni.

Pu R.K Nithanga, SAMETI Director-in training hi telpuiin, ‘Doubling Farmers Income by 2022’ hnuaia Krishi Kalyan Karyashala hman dan tur leh hemi hnuaia hmalak dantur ‘Seven Point Strategy’ chungchang a sawi bawk a.

Training-ah hian Agriculture leh Allied Department a officer hrang hrang te, ATMA, KVK lama thawk te an tel a. SAMETI Faculty mithiam tak tak te- Pu Vala T.Tonson, Dr. B.Lalrosiami Khuhly, Dr. Baby Zaithanpuii Hmar leh Nl. Lalthasangi ten training an pe dawn a ni.


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