Vawiin (13th July 2017) dar 10:00 A.M khan SIRD&PR Auditorium, Durtlang Leitanah nikhat awh tur “Training on Cashless Transaction/Digital Payment for Special Gram Sabha” chu neih a ni a. He Training hi State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (SIRD&PR) buatsaih a ni a. He Workshop/Training-ah hian Aizawl leh Kolasib District huamchhunga DLAO office atang te, BDO office atangte leh DRDA office atangte in - Field Investigators, Assistant Field Investigators, Additional Programme Officers, Technical Assistants, Computer Operators leh Village Level Administrative Assistant-te, an vaiin mi 107 an tel a ni.

He training hi Pu Khawlsiamthanga Khawlhring, Deputy Director, SIRD&PR (Mizoram) in a kaihruai a, training-na a kalte chu tunlai India ram sawrkar laipuiin a ngaih pawimawh em em – cashless transaction hi a hman dan, vawiin a an zirchhuah hi a practical in hmang nghal hlawm se, chumi hnuah VC leh midangte zirtir chhawng veleh turin a chah a ni.

He one day training-ah Cashless Transaction pawimawh zia leh hmalak dan turte sawiho a ni a. A kaihnawih thil - Unified Payment Interface (UPI); Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS), Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD), Mobile Wallets, QR Code, Digital Payments Facilities under SBI, Point of Sale (POS) and Mobile Based Point of Sale (M-POS) te zirhona leh sawihona neih nghal a ni bawk. 


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