Members of the Mizoram Architects Forum, Guests and Invitees. I am very happy to be the Chief Guest at the Architects Meet 2022 organized by the Mizoram Architects Forum. Architecture is a noble profession that exists for the betterment of humanity.


 In India, only those registered with the Council of Architecture having active registration can be called as Architects. The Architects Act 1972 restricts the use of the title and style of Architect only to those registered architects.


 In recent times, people learning the use of software for 3D modelling have become more prevalent in the society. But the mere learning of such drafting and modelling software does not qualify one as an architect without the proper training, knowledge and licensing from the Council of Architecture. I request the public to be aware of such fraudulent practices, and to engage only those registered with the Council of Architecture.


Council of Architecture has guidelines for the ethical practice and conduct of Architects, which sets the profession apart in delivering professional services. Your valuable service benefits the society by creating habitable space that is well lit, well ventilated and ergonomically designed, increasing the productivity and well-being of the occupants.


 Architecture is not just about making beautiful drawings or pictures of buildings. Rather, it is the creation of better and more efficient living spaces in a limited surrounding. It is not about the abundance of resources, but the smart and creative use of limited resources. The aesthetics and quality of life in urban areas depend largely on building designs and city-planning. Therefore, you play an important role in ensuring the quality of our urban spaces.


The architecture fraternity in Mizoram is still growing to attain the level of developments seen in the other parts of the country. In this regard, I commend the resource persons, Architects Mr. Mohe, Mr. Pradhan and Mr. Medappa, for reaching out to the fraternity here in Mizoram. With the profession still having a long way to go in the State, I appreciate experts with such accomplishments doing their part for the betterment of architecture in Mizoram.


I also applaud the Mizoram Architects Forum for creating awareness by organizing programs like the Architects Meet. I have been told that your recent Exhibition to showcase the impact of good design of a built environment on its inhabitants has been received very well by the public. Such initiatives help create more awareness in a relatable way to the general public.


Sensible design solutions can greatly reduce the impact of natural and man-made disasters, including earthquakes and landslides, which are common occurrences in Mizoram. The State, being in the Zone-V Earthquake Classification, requires architectural design solutions and interventions to mitigate such natural disasters. The general public should be more aware in engaging the expertise of architects while planning and designing buildings.


 Keeping in mind the need to be more environmentally responsible, I also urge you to design buildings that are more sustainable and energy efficient. This will help in our fight against climate change and global warming. We can help create a more sustainable society, beginning with the design of our homes.


Here, I suggest the incorporation of rooftop solar systems in your designs on buildings, for the generation of solar power.


As we all know, Mizoram has huge potential for solar power generation. I appeal to you to create awareness regarding the rooftop solar subsidy programme available from the Central Government.


In conclusion, I thank the Mizoram Architects Forum for inviting me today, and I wish the Architects Meet 2022 a grand success.

Thank you.

Jai Hind.