Ladies and Gentlemen

Dear friends

I am extremely delighted to be the Chief Guest at the Launching of Nightingale Care Services (Home Healthcare) by Jay Jay Training & Placement Solutions, as well as the Felicitation of the 1st Batch Caregiver Trainees.


Firstly, I would like to commend Jay Jay TPS for the valuable work you have done for around a decade. Mr. Jervis personally met me at Raj Bhavan, and I appreciate the service you have given by training the youth for gaining skilled employment here and abroad. I am happy to learn that you have achieved placement of over 600.


Today, I congratulate the 1st Batch Caregiver Trainees on receiving their valuable Certificates. I have been told that this Programme has been sponsored by the North Eastern Council and recognized by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, which is an autonomous organisation under the Central Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. You are indeed fortunate to have such legitimate and credible certifications, which will undoubtedly help you in your endeavours.

Here, I have learnt that Jay Jay TPS is the first and only registered Recruiting Agency in Mizoram with a License from the Ministry of External Affairs. I strongly urge the public to be extra careful when attempting to find employment abroad, as there are many fake and unreliable agencies. It is always safer to choose approved and licensed agencies.


I also deeply appreciate the launching of the Nightingale Care Services. I am certain that this new initiative will go a long way in formalizing the home healthcare sector in the State. Right from its inception till today, this agency continues to be a pioneer in providing innovative solutions. I encourage you to keep up the good work for others to emulate.


From my own experience, I have seen that the people of Mizoram are generally sincere, honest and reliable. The youth of this State are also blessed with the advantage of speaking in English. However, I have also noticed that there is a general reluctance to go outside in search of employment. I am happy that this mindset is slowly changing.


As we all know, government jobs alone cannot cater to all of us. Even in the private sector, profitable jobs may be difficult if we focus only on Mizoram. But we should know there are limitless opportunities outside the State, and even outside the country. It is up to us to grab these opportunities with both hands, and to make the best use of our knowledge and abilities.

Skill development itself is extremely important, and benefits us in many ways. It is always good to acquire new skills, and to continuously upgrade ourselves. In this day and age, it is also important to get as many certifications as possible. For the successful trainees of this course and others, it is my wish that you will find good jobs abroad and elsewhere. Even if that is not the case, I am certain that this will definitely help you within the State as well.

Once again, I congratulate Jay Jay TPS and all the Caregiver Trainees on this happy occasion. I implore you to continue earnestly working for the betterment of yourselves, your families, our State and our great Nation.

 Thank you.

 Jai Hind.