Respected dignitaries, invitees and participants from India and Bangladesh

I am extremely delighted that the 1st International Silchar-Sylhet Festival 2022 has been organized by the India Foundation, in association with partners from Bangladesh. Interestingly, this year marks the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence, as well as the 50th Anniversary of the Constitution of Bangladesh.


The Sylhet region of present-day Bangladesh and the Silchar area has had a long connection throughout history. The twin cities of Sylhet and Silchar in particular have a strong historical and cultural connection. I am very happy that concerned stakeholders on both sides of the border have taken initiatives to revive age-old ties.


In today’s highly globalised world, it is imperative to maintain good diplomatic relations for mutual growth and development. I am hopeful that this Festival will explore ways in which both our great Nations can benefit and prosper.


I eagerly look forward to the celebration of the shared Sylheti culture at this Festival. It is my desire that the display of this distinctive culture in all its facets will lead to renewed fraternity and greater engagements. I also extend a warm welcome to all the dignitaries and delegates from Bangladesh.


I am certain that the various informative sessions and the learned speakers will greatly enrich the Festival, which may lead to new possible avenues for increased cooperation. It is my wish that this Festival will be the first of many more to come, and that its success will be for the mutual betterment of Silchar and Sylhet, as well as India and Bangladesh.


 Thank you. Jai Hind.