State Election Commission appoints the following dates and times for 1-Tokalo MDC Constituency By-Election under Mara Autonomous District Council:

(1) Date of Issue of Notice of Election by the Commission- 16.10.2019 (Wednesday)
(2)Date of Issue of Notice of Election by the Returning Officer- 16.10.2019 (Wednesday)
(3) Last Date for filling Nominations-21.10.2019 (Monday) (11:00 AM 3:00PM)
(4) Scrutiny of Nominations - 21.10.2019 (Monday) (3:00pm Onwards)
(5) Last date for withdrawal of Candidature- 22.10.2019 (Tuesday) (Upto 3:00pm)
(6)Allotment of symbols and Display of list of candidates- 22.10.2019 (Tuesday) (3:00pm Onwards)
(7) Date of Poll- 30.10.2019 (Wednesday) (7:00am - 4:00pm)
(8) Date of Re-poll, if any- 31.10.2019 (Thursday) (7:00am - 4:00pm)
(9) Counting of Votes- 01.11.2019 (Friday)
(10) Date for completion of election process- 04.11.2019 (Monday)