Aizawl the 10th November, 2021 : A meeting of the State Level SVEEP Core Committee under the chairmanship of CEO Mizoram Pu P. Jawahar, IAS, was held today in the SAD Conference Hall, MINECO to discuss campaign strategies for the ongoing Summary Revision of Electoral Roll in the state.

In his opening remarks, CEO Mizoram said that Election Commission of India has directed all CEOs to launch a comprehensive campaign for the universal enrolment of all eligible citizens and de-duplication of entries in the electoral rolls. All District Election Officers have been carrying out SVEEP campaigns at district level. This yearly revision was systematically done to purify and update the electoral roll, by making required changes such as name, birth, date, change of address, etc. This is a major responsibility of the Election Department, which is expected to keep the electoral roll updated and ready, as per schedule. Another significance of roll revision was that it also allowed first time voters across the country to be included, and this was open to 17-year-olds who will turn 18 on 1st of January, 2022. CEO also said that draft electoral roll had been published in all the districts on 1st November, 2021 and all claims and objections must be filed/submitted by 30th November, 2021. Thereby, disposal of all claims and objections will be completed by 20th December, 2021 and final publication of electoral roll will be on 15th January, 2022. As per guidelines, three senior IAS Officers had also been appointed as ‘Electoral Roll Observers’ and the whole revision process will be wrapped up in time for the National Voters Day, which is observed on 25th January every year, he added.

The State Level SVEEP Core Committee in its meeting today reviewed the campaign objectives and prescribed strategy of ECI to identify gaps and requirements for campaign at State level. The Committee also discussed how the Online Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) activities could be boost up in the state.


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