The Task Group on Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services and Fisheries met for its third review meeting yesterday under its Chairman Pu C.Lalpeksanga, Secretary, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department, to take stock of the current conditions and supply of milk, eggs, meat, fish and fodder in the state during lockdown and any consequent shortage afterwards. As the rising price of fish across the country was affecting Mizoram too, the Fisheries Department was instructed to issue immediate order prohibiting inflation of fish prices above Rs.300, and any person caught disobeying the order would be booked under the Disaster Management Act. 

The unfortunate incident at Sailulak Village, where 10 mithun calves and 2 adult mithuns were attacked and killed by wild dogs (dhole) during lockdown, incurring heavy losses to the villagers, was also discussed in the meeting. It was decided that compensation be given to the families rearing them in lieu of the loss of cattle, which were their main source of livelihood.  The Animal Husbandry & Vety. Department was to inform all stakeholders under them, including the RuRBAN Project staff, FOCUS Project staff, Village Councils as well as the mithun farmers of Sailulak and Leng Villages to come for a meeting under the chairmanship of the Block Development Officer, East Lungdar to discuss compensation for the farmers and provinding better protection for the mithuns. 

 It was also pointed out in the meeting that there was no legal framework to allow the two departments to carry on further relief work for the public in general during lockdown, in case the need arose. Hence, AH & Vety and Fisheries Departments were together entrusted to form a Study Group to draft the required legal framework.