Under the Chairmanship of Lalzawmthanga, EE, PWD, an inspection on encroachment of National Highway 54 was carried out today between Bawngkawn and Hunthar locality. This task was carried out under the combine effort of Public Works Department Highways, DC Aizawl, SP Aizawl, SP Traffic, PWD Road Protection Squad, Information & Public Relations department aided by Bawngkawn, Edenthar, Chanmari West and Hunthar Local Council and other NGO of the areas.

Lalzawmthanga, EE, PWD expressed the importance of group effort to fulfil this task, stating that,” A single department effort or a single local board cannot tackle the traffic and encroachment menace of the highway but a comprehensive effort from the government and local participation is a must to curb this problem”.

The inspection reported 73 encroachment of NH 54 between Bawngkawn and Hunthar, where the proprietor are informed to take necessary action to removed such encroachment. This task will be continued on 15th May, 2019 between Rangvamual and Lengpui.