Vawiin chawhma khan DC's Conference Hall, Lunglei ah ERO'S leh AERO'S te pual in Training Of District Level Master Trainer's For Special Summarry Revision, 2017 For Lunglei, Lawngtlai leh Saiha District te tan neih a ni.

Lunglei Bawrhsap Pu Abhijit Vijay Chaudhary, IAS chuan hawnna thu sawiin Election Commission Of India duhdan angin Special Summarry Revision 2017 inbuatsaihna kalmel ah Roll felfai leh dik neih theih nan ERO'S leh AERO'S te in pawimawh hle a, training tha taka nei turin duhsakna a hlan a ni.

Pu Malsawmzuala Asst. CEO in Overview Of SSR 2017 chungchang sawifiah in, Pu Vanrengpuia SDO (S) & Election Officer Serchhip in Roll Of AERO'S leh Dr.Malsawmtluanga Fanchun, BDO Lunglei in Roll Of BLO'S chungchang te sawina an nei a ni.


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