Mr S.Hiato, Minister, PHED and Mr N.K. Chakma visited the ongoing Disaster Management & Rehabilitation training  at Central Training Institute,Sesawng, 41km from Azawl city, yesterday.The training for State Disaster Response Force(SDMF) was supervised by instructors from 1st batllion National Disaster Management Force, Guwahati. Emergency responses replicating the real life situations were demonstrated by the participants  during this functions attended by the visiting Ministers.

Minister, Disaster Management & Rehabilitation(DM&R) had voiced the significance of the training in Mizoram where common natural disasters such as fire, lanslide, bad storms are frequently felt every year. He was particularly pleased with the voluntary participations a large number of young people and their concern for the safety of others. The trainees were pleaded to give full hearted effort to their  training in order to have a great impact on the efficiency of distaster management in time of emergency and to render a successful life saving operations when needed. The training would surely reduced the number of casualties and avoidable injuries even if the state had to face unwanted emergency due to natural calamities and disasters in the future, the Minister said.

Mr S.Hiato, Minister, PHED was also pleased with the way training was conducted and believed that it would surely increase the state's preparedness in dealing with natural calamities and emergency. He was hopeful of the trainees using their theirs skills and efforts swiftly and efficiently when the emergency situation rises in the future. It was admirable to risk one's own life to save the lives of others despite dangers and difficulties, he said.He also suggested that  skills imparted in the training should also be taught to various NGO's in the state so as to render an efficient and timely services in a concerted effort  wherever and whenever required.

Mizoram has the distinction of being the first state in India to set up Disaster Management Force and the first to conduct training for SDMF. Disaster mangement force in Mizoram comprises of 4 Companies manned by personnel of 1st batallion MAP, 2nd Batallion MAP, 1st & 2nd Batallion IR. The ministers, accompanied by director, DM&R, director,AH&Vety and other officials  had  also visited search and rescue operations under water at LAD picnic spot, Lawibual within the city of Aizawl.


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