Department of Public Relations & Information bultum a 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa  leh FilmBazaar India, 2019 a kal mi 10 chuan nimin khan Aizawl an lo thleng.

IFFI hi Asia rama Film Festival ropui ber niin, film 213 screen a ni a, Mizo Film siamtute chuan hlawk an ti a, technology hrang hrang enin an zir bawk a ni. FilmBazaar India, 2019 hi ram hrang hrang atanga lokal leh India ram hmun hrang hrang atanga Film producers, directors, investors te leh film siamtute in tawh khawmna hmunpui a ni a, network zau zawk an neih theih nana  National Film Development Corporation in buatsaih a ni. FilmBazaar-ah hian film la siam loh (pre-production) leh film siam tawh te presentation neiin, directors leh producers te’n an duh zawng an hmuh chuan film siamtu nen inbia in, contract an sign thin a ni.

FilmBazaar-ah hian Knowledge Series Wokshop buatsaih a ni a, topic hrang hrang- Cinemas in India-Many Stories, Many Nuances, Many Languages; Hitting the Right Notes- A Guide to Music Rights; The Multiple Hues of the LGBT Narrative in India, The New Leadership Dimension- Women Producers; The Evolving Narrative- A View From the Writer’s Desk; State Focus- Jharkhand-Come Grow with Us; Decoding Co-productions- International Partnerships and Film Funds leh a dangte zirna neih a ni a, film producers hmingthang tak tak leh film industry a mithiam te thusawi leh zirtirna te ngaihthlak a ni bawk a ni.


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