Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, AVSM, SM, Director General Assam Rifles and Major General Satish Dua, SM, Inspector General Assam Rifles ( East ) greet the people of Mizoram on the eve of New Year 2013.

In a message, the Director General has conveyed that New Year is a day of resolution – to live a healthier, honest, better & a happier life. Towards this end, we all need to work collectively as a team with a new resolve, to make our homes and neighbourhood, our villages and towns andMizoramStateas a whole a better place to live in. He added that if each one of us works towards this goal, we will be instrumental in making the country a better and a safer place to live in.

“Let the New Year bring peace, prosperity, good health, happiness to all the people of Mizoram – Kumthar Chibai 2013”