Ministry of Communication & Information Technology hnuaia Department of Electronics and Information Technology bultuma Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (CIPS), Hyderabad leh Administrative Training Institute, Mizoram tangkawpin senior leh middle level officer-te tana an buatsaih ‘One Day Sensitization Workshop on Innovative/Best Practices in e-Governance under Mission Mode Projects” chu ATI Auditorium-ah a Information & Communication Technology Department Secretary Pu C. Lalhmachhuana chuan a hawng.

Workshop hawnna inkhawm hi Pi Ramdinliani, Director, Administrative Training Institute in a kaihruai a. He Workshop-ah hian India ram pumpuia e-Governance hmalakna hrang hrangte leh e-Governance hman tangkai a nih dante zirho a ni a. Mizoram tana hman tangkai theihte bakah harsatna awm theite leh a hmachhawn dante inhrilhfiahna neih a ni bawk. He Workshop hian Mizorama e-Governance hmalakna kawngah nasa takin a puih ngei beisei a ni.

He Workshop-ah hian India ram hmun hrang hrang atangin Resource Persons 6 (paruk):- Pu Ajay Kumar Singh, IAS, Principal Secretary, Revenue & Disaster Management Department, Government of Assam; Pu N.J.P. Shilohu Rao, General Manager – Capacity Building – NeGD, Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt. of India; Pu Shiladitya Sarkar, Manager, Aadhar Services Division, CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd., Govt. of India; Pu Jitendra Roy, Joint Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal; leh Pu Avik Chakraborty, Project Officer, CIPS; leh Pu Mitun Chakraborty, IEC Manager, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Assam,; te an lo kal a ni.


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