Chief Minister of Mizoram Shri Lal Thanhawla attended the meeting of chief ministers on National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) at Delhi on 5th May 2012. The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh. Chief Minister Shri Lal Thanhawla while addressing the meeting congratulated the Prime Minister for convening this meeting on such an important issue before the country. Chief Minister welcomed the move of Union Government to create NCTC and opined that national security is an issue of prime concern and terrorism is real threat before the nation. Chief Minister further added that federal structure of the country is not going to be affected by creation of NCTC.

The creation of NCTC by Union Home Ministry was welcomed by all congress ruled states whereas some reservations were expressed by non congress ruled states particularly with regard to powers of NCTC to launch counter terrorism operations (including search, seizure and arrest) in states and sought necessary amendments in those provisions. Very few states out rightly rejected the NCTC terming it as assault on Federalism. Hon’ble Union Home Minister after listening to all chief ministers concluded that the suggestions given by the chief ministers would be given due consideration and then final decision would be taken by the Union Government on the issue.