Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla kaihhruaina hnuaia Council of Ministers Meeting nimin a New Secretariat Complex a Chief Secretary Conference Hall-a neihah sawiho tura agenda chhawpchhuah an neihte chu sawiho vek a ni a. Agenda pawm tawh tarlan tak 7 te bakah a dang zawnga thutlukna an siamte chu hetiang hi a ni.

Higher & Technical department hnuaia Publication of the Mizoram (Admission and Conduct of Examinations for Diploma Courses) Rules 2010 te, Draft Mizoram (Recognition and Regulation of Common Examinations for Certificate Courses in Computer Application) Rules,2010 leh Implementation of ‘All India Council for Technical Education (pay Scale, Service Conditions and Qualifications for the Teachers and other Academic Staff in Technical Institutions (Diploma) Regulations,2010’ in Mizoram on the Recommendation of the 6th Central Pay Commission te chu pawm an ni a.

Planning department hnuaia Directorate of Science & Technology siam rawtna chu siam that ngai leh siamrem ngai awmte chu siam thaa remtih a ni a.Fisheries department hnuaia Management of Open Water Reservoir by the Department of Fisheries ,Govt of Mizoram, alienating Water Rights to the department of Fisheries pawh pawmin, Environment & Forests hnuaia The Draft Mizoram Biological Diversity Rules,2010 pawh pawm a ni.

Mizoram sorkar hnathawk tena Leave Travel Concession hman theih tura rawtna chu la ngaihtuah that atana dah a ni a.Food Civil Supply & Consumer Affair department hnuaia buhfai man tihsan, Enhancement of Selling Price of Rice rawtna pawh la ngaihtuah that tura dah a ni bawk a. AH&Vety enkawl Model Piggery Villages hmun hlui hman zel dan tur chungchang chu pawm a ni a. Health & Family Welfare department hnuaiah House Surgeons te Honorarium tihsan rawtna te, Medical Officer AYUSH post 10 contract basis a hnawh khah rawtna leh The Transplant of Human Organs Act, 1994 siam that chungchangte pawm a ni bawk.

Hengte bakah hian Home Department hnuaia Compensation claimed by the Mizo Chiefs’ chungchang pawh pawm a niin, central sorkarah recommendna thawn a ni ang a. Transport department hnuaia Introduction of High Security Registration Plates chungchangah kaihhruaina mumal tak siama pawm a ni  a.Tourism department hnuaia posts siam belh chungchang rawtnaah regular posts 30 leh Muster Roll hna 4 siam nise tih remtih a ni bawk a. District tin Administration tih chak nan Revenue departmentah hna(posts) 7 siam nise tih remtih a ni bawk.