Lunglei the 7th June, 2023 – Pu Donny Lalruatsanga, District Magistrate, Lunglei chuan 7th June 2023 khan dan lova kuhva phurh chungchangah a hnuai ami ang hian khapna thupek a chhuah.

Mizoram chhung hmun thenkhatah dan lova ram pawn atanga kuhva phurh luh thin a ni tih hriat a ni a. Hei hi Sawrkar Laipui, Ministry of Home Affairs leh Mizoram Sawrkar pawhin tih tawp anih theihna'n thupek an chhuah fo tawh a ni. Dan bawhchhiatna a nih bakah kawng a tichhe nasa hle bawk a ni. Lunglei District chhungah dan lova kuhva phurh a awm loh nan khapna thupek chhuah tulin ka hria a.

Chuvangin kei, Donny Lalruatsanga, District Magistrate, Lunglei District chuan Section 144 CrPC in thuneihna min pek angin Lunglei District chhungah dan lova kuhva phurh ka khapa, he thupek hian June ni 7, 2023 atanga thla 2 (hnih) chhung a huam anga, he thupek zawm lote chu IPC Section 188 hmangin hrem theih an ni ang.

He thupek hi vawiin June ni 7, 2023 hian District Magistrate seal-a nemnghetin ka hming ka ziahhnan e.

Whereas it has come to the attention of the undersigned that transportation of smuggled arecanuts is being carried out in different parts of Lunglei, the 7th of June, 2023 Mizoram; And whereas the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs as well as the State Government has been issuing directions from time to time for curbing such activity; And whereas large scale movement of heavy vehicles causes severe damage to the national and state highways and district roads; 

And whereas in view of the aforesaid reasons, I am of the opinion that there are sufficient grounds for issuing an order to prevent such unlawful activities; 

Now, therefore, in the exercise of the powers conferred upon me by section 144 of CrPC 1973, I, Donny Lalruatsanga, District Magistrate, Lunglei do hereby prohibit transportation of smuggled arecanuts within Lunglei District. 

This Order shall take immediate effect and shall remain in force for a period of 2(two) months unless revoked earlier. Violation of this Order during its validity shall be punishable under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. 

Given under my hand and seal the Court of this day 7th of June, 2023.

Order on Arecanuts 07.06.2023.pdf