Aizawl, the 11th November 2020 : Joint Director (Food & Drugs), Directorate of Health Services chuan kumin 2020 a Drugs Licence thi turte renew/ retention chungchanga a hnuai ami angin ruahman a siam.

November leh December 2020 chhungin AMC huamchhung a Licence thi tur, validity 31.12.2020 te renew/ retain a ni ang a. January leh March 2020 inkarah AMC in a huam phak loh khua a Licence thi tur, validity 31.12.2020 te renew/ retain a ni ang.

Licence renew/ retention dawn a hriat turte:

I. Licence renewal/ retention hi mahni District theuh a Food & Drugs Administration Section CMO Office ah tih tur a ni. District thar pathum a mite chuan a hnuai ami ang hian an Licence an renew/ retain ang :

i) Khawzawl District & Saitual District - Food & Drugs Administration Section, CMO Office, Champhai

ii) Hnahthial District - Food & Drugs Adminstration Section, CMO Office, Lunglei

II. Renew/ retain hun ruat ah chauh renew/retain tur a kal tur.

III. Licence neitu ngei kal tur a ni a, inthawn leh intihsak theih a ni lo.

IV. Drugs Licence copy ken ngei ngei tur.

V. Passport size thlalak copy 3 ken ngei ngei tur.

Hei hian Drugs Licence renew/retain dan tur chungchang a Joint Director (F & D), Directorate of Health Services in Order a chhuah No.B- 17011/24 (B)/90-DHS/DRUGS dt. 19.10.2020 chu a luahlan (Supersede) ang.