Kolasib 20th November 2020: On the initiative of Excise & Narcotics Minister Dr.K.Beichhua, under the Mizoram Liquor Prohibition Act 2019, Rs.92 lakhs worth of Indian Made Foreign Liquor, seized by the Excise & Narcotics personnel, was destroyed today in Kolasib.

The Minister reiterated that the stand of the Mizoram Government regarding the prohibition of liquor in the state remains unchanged. He also added that as liquor is among the major causes of early death among the youth, family wreckage and many other health issues, therefore, such illegal activities of importing liquor must be dealt with strongly.

Sl. No Brand Wise No. of bots

1 Whisky 750 ML 2990
   Whisky 375 ML 3258
   Whisky 180 ML 7512

2 Rum 750 ML 1717
   Rum 375 ML 1271
   Rum 180 ML 768
3 Vodka 750 ML 105
   Vodka 375 ML 336
4 Beer 650 ML 2856
   Canned Beer 500 ML 2157 cans
5 Paltu 600 ML 20

  The total cost of the destroyed liquor, in local market is calculated as Rs. 92,29,890.