Mamit 20th,November,2020 : Today a launching Programme of First Responder Vehicle (FRV) and learning materials received from CSR of REC Ltd and Hero Motocorps Ltd respectively was held at the DC Conference Hall, Mamit with Er.H.Lalzirliana MLA Mamit, as the Chief Guest who Flag-off these four FRV and distributed the various learning materials to the concern Department.

Er.H.Lalzirliana mentioned his gratitude regrding the performance of DC Mamit and Officials behind the improvement in various parameters and indicators of Aspirational District putting Mamit amongst the higher rungs in the ranking system. He thanked all the contributors especially REC Ltd & Hero Motocorp Ltd for rendering there helping hand through there CSR Fund which ultimately brings smiles and conveniences in the general public of the District. He also appreciated the guidance received from the Central Prabhari Officer who is incharge of Mamit District for transforming the District in various feels of Development. 

Mr Dharam Pal Central Prabhari Officer & Addl. Secretary to Govt of India also graced the Meeting through a link video from Delhi by Complimenting the efforts taken by the Team of DC Mamit and encourage them to be an exemplary for the rest of Aspirational Districts regarding the transformation of the District. He also mentioned his regretfulness for his inability to visit Mamit due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. S.N Srinivas CEO of REC Ltd also spoke on the occasion by complementing the progress of Mamit District saying that Mamit District is one of the best performing District among the Seven Aspirational Districts funded by their CSR. He also assured further assistance of funds to the District whenever necessary.

Mr.Vijay Sethy, Chief Information Officer, Hero motocorp Ltd, also made a remark that the launching of their four FRV brings them immense joy and look forward for a fruitful use of the two wheeler ambulance by the people of Mamit District.

As reported in the launching programme a survey was conducted in which 5520 illiterates have been identified in the District for which 273 full time worker have been appointed to teach them reading and writing. Rs 17.39 lakhs worth of study materials have been procured for these illiterates who are mostly Out of School Students and Adult Illiterates. 503 Green Boards worth Rs 25.15 lakhs and 843 Desks and Benches worth Rs. 29.505 for 170 schools have also been procured as mentioned in the reports of today's launching programme. As of today a total Rs 8.79 Crore from REC Ltd. CSR has been alloted to Mamit District for the upliftment in education sector.

The launching programme was chaired and hosted by Dr.Lalrozama IAS, DC Mamit in the presence of various dignitaries from Department and leaders from Village Council and NGOs from Social Organizations.