The Final Electoral Roll of Sinlung Hills Council under Kolasib District, Mizoram was today published by District Election Officer Pu Zoengsanga.

At the outset the DEO commended the Staffs of the Election Branch for their effort in preparing the electoral roll on time. The DEO highlighted that only Indian Citizens belonging to the Scheduled Tribe Community are eligible to be enrolled in the Sinlung Hills Council Electoral Roll and also said that this is the first Electoral prepared and published in the History of Sinlung Hills.

Sinlung Hills Council have two Constituencies (11-Saipum and 12-Saiphai) under Kolasib District (totally 12 constituencies in Mizoram), 11-Saipum Constituency has a total of 1798 Electors (902 males, 896 females); 12- Saiphai Constituency has a total of 2197 electors (1112 males, 1085 Females). Sinlung Hills Council have a total of 3995 Electors within Kolasib District (2014 males, 1981 females).


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