Office of the Chief Electoral Officer atangin ni 5th November, 2018 khan a hnuaia mi ang hian Form-A & Form-B sawifiahna tihchhuah a ni :

Paragraph 13 of The Election Symbols (Reservation & Allotment) Order, 1968-a tarlan ang leh Election Commission of India lehkha F.No.56/2016/PPS-II dt.30.6.2016 & No.56/2018/PPS-II dt.12.4.2018-a sawifiah a nih angin Political Party ten an candidate turte Returning Officer nena hriattirtu tur an authorize-na Form-A leh an ‘authorised person’ ten Returning Officer hnena Candidate tur an hriattirna Form-B chungchangah heng a hnuaia kaihhruaina tarlante hi Political Party ten an zawm ngei a ngai a ni :-

1. Form-A leh Form-B hi Returning Officer hnenah Last Date of Filing Nominations dar 3:00 PM aia tlai lovah thehluh tur a ni.

2. Form-A leh Form-B te hi photocopy pawm theih a ni lova, original signature chuang a ni ngei tur a ni.

3. Authorisation Form-A hi Party Central Office/Hqrs Office Bearer tu emaw berin a sign tur a ni a, a hnuai lam level-a Party hruaituten an sign pawm theih a ni lo.

4. Form-A leh Form-B hi Returning Officer hnenah thehluh tur a ni a, Form-A chauh hi CEO hnena thehluh tur a ni thung. Form-A hi CEO-in RO te hnena forward tura ngaihna awm thin hi a diklo a, Candidate ten Returning Officer hnenah a hranpain an thehluh ve ngei a ngai a ni. Form-A leh Form-B hi Returning Officer hnena thehluh ve ve a nih loh chuan chu candidate chu party candidate anga ngaih theih a ni lo ang.

A chunga tarlan Guidelines hi zawm a nih loh avanga Party candidate-te nominations hnawl a nih loh nan, Political Party leh Returning Officer te chu a tul anga hma la tura hriattir an ni e.