Governor Vakkom Purushothaman today inaugurated Workshop on ‘Linking Budding Entrepreneurs with Govt.Schemes and Markets’organised by ASSOCHAM at College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Selesih.

The Governor conveyed his appreciation to ASSOCHAM for organising the Workshop and was happy to note that ASSOCHAM in collaboration with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and DONER has been conducting EDP programmes and workshop to encourage first generation entrepreneurs.

The Governor said that Food Processing industries can play a very important role in the economic development of India especially in the far flung areas of the North Eastern part of India. He hoped that this workshop will fulfil objectives such as to assimilate the small and budding entrepreneurs with various govt. schemes, to analyse the agro-horticultural resources of the region, to identity the problems of food processing industries in the state and also to identify the economic feasibility of food processing industries.

The Governor also said that the agro-climatic condition of Mizoram is conductive to agricultural and horticultural crops and that a strong and effective food processing sector would play a significant role in employment genration as well as harnessing and exploiting local resources.

This workshop was attended by Prof SN Puri, Vice Chancellor, Central Agriculture University, Imphal, C.Lalzarliana, Director Agriculture,Ombeer S Tyagi, Sr Director, ASSOCHAM, entrepreneurs,farmers and students.


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