The Hon'ble MoS Dr.K.Beichhua inspected  re-surfacing and  Black topping works on all the Internal Roads of Siaha Town which were executed by PWD, EE office, Siaha Division; by riding acrossed all the internal Roads which were already Black topped and also on those roads where  Black topping works was going on.

Barring few international roads; all the internal roads within Siaha town which were  under the ambit of MPWD were already Black topped; and the remaining un black-topped roads were also expected to get covered completedly by the end of this year; as Black topping works was going on ceaselessly.

Hon'ble MoS Dr.K.Beichhua expressed his happiness over witnessing Black topping works at its tail end and wished that "Other PWD,  Division of Mizoram should emulate and learn from PWD, Siaha Division,  how they carried out  their black topping works   even in Rainy Season without respite"

In his inspection ride, Hon'ble Minister was accompanied by Top Officials of Siaha District and concerned  HoO and officials.


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