Siaha; the 18th June,2020 : Various villages of Siaha district have donated domestic animals, firewood and fresh vegetables to the Kitchen Management Committee, which run Kitchen for various Quanrantine facilities at Siaha town since quarantine facilities of Siaha district got activated 3 months back.

A Joint VLTF belonging to a village called Chakhei, Situated at about 100Km away from Siaha town have come to Siaha town and donated One mature Mithun,One mature Pig, 25 Chickens, one trip full Pick-up & 407 firewood and large quantity of fresh vegetables of 10 different types- day before yesterday.

On the same day the VLTF of LUNGZARHTUM village also donated large quantity of Fresh vegetables of 7 different types to the various Quanrantine facilities located at New Siaha locality.