My Dear fellow citizens of Mizoram,

 1. On the joyous and festive occasion of the forthcoming Christmas and the New Year, my wife joins me in conveying our heartiest greetings and good wishes, to all the people of Mizoram.


2.       Christmas is a time of celebration all over the world; as the day, on which Jesus Christ was born. It is an occasion to celebrate the joy of God's gifts of peace, goodwill, brotherhood and togetherness. Christmas in Mizoram, is celebrated with much enthusiasm through worship and community feasting, and is famous all over the country for its festivities. On this occasion, let us pray together for peace and prosperity.


3.       North East India, including our beautiful state of Mizoram are set to play an important role in the developmental process of the country. During his recent visit to this part of the country, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, said that to Government is keen on building modern infrastructure in the north-east, so as to unlock its potential. In this context, to improve the connectivity of Mizoram, work on the Railway line from Bhairabi to Sairang, has been initiated. This will set our state of Mizoram, on a high economic growth trajectory. As rightly said,Indianow needs next-generation infrastructure, consisting, of both highways and i-ways. This vision of Digital India, also encompasses the North-East and Mizoram. Let us all strive to make this vision a reality.


4.    Youth are the most vital human resource of the nation, on whom depends the present and future of the country. The youth of Mizoram have done us proud. Almost in every state, our youth through the civil services are occupying important positions in Govt. I also congratulate them for winning the 5:h NEC Dr T. Ao, Memorial North East Football Championship, in February and also for bringing home the coveted National Football Championship, Santosh Trophy this year in March. The State is also proud of their achievements in other sporting disciplines and has ambitious plans of their participation in the next Olympic.


5.       In a few days, the New Year - 2015 - will dawn on us. We can optimistically look forward to progressive days ahead of us.    We already have huge natural resources, a pollution free environment, captivating scenic beauty, variety of flora and fauna, medicinal plants growing wild in the forest, and an enlightened and talented human resource. In a way all these enrich the state. These need to be harnessed to ensure speedier development for our State. It is our responsibility to ensure that peace is maintained and nurtured within the State. Let us march forward, unitedly with our brothers in North East, and the rest of the country, to fight against divisive forces, that could threaten the unity of our great Nation. Let us join hands  to strengthen the State and the Nation.


In the end, once again my wife and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy and a prosperous New Year.


Thank you! And God bless you all