Joining the nationwide celebration of 67th anniversary of India's Republic Day, the state capital and major towns in Mizoram also celebrated the Republic Day, 2016 with much enthusiasm and in a dignified manner.

With the Hon'ble Governor Lt.Gen(Rtd) Nirbhay Sharma unfurling the National Flag at AR Ground, the Republic Day celebration in Aizawl, the biggest in Mizoram  was formally commenced. After inspecting the 26  parade contingents and acknowledging the marching contingents who salute the National Flag, he delivered the Republic Day speech.

Extending his warm greetings, felicitations and best wishes for a prosperous New Year to people of Mizoram, the Governor began his speech by enticing the citizens to  offer gratitude, profound respect and homage to the founding fathers of the Nation and to pledge re-dedication to nurture, safeguard and strengthen the democratic systems and values enshrined in the Constitution.

In his highlights of  the visions and achievement of the Government of Mizoram, he emphasized the paramount importance of remaining in the state of peace and tranquility to create a condition that will be conducive to development and prosperity. In this connection, he lauded Civil Societies and Voluntary Organisations for their unstinting support to law enforcement agencies in particular and government in general  in an attempt to maintain Mizoram as one of the most peaceful states in the country.

He declares that the state's flagship programme, the New Land Use Policy(NLUP) is making a headway in uplifting the economy of the State and providing sustainable means of livelihood to the people as well. "The Mizoram Economic Survey, 2014 - 2015 has reflected that the economy of the State grew at 8.45%, which is higher than the allIndiaaverage.  It has also highlighted reduction of area under jhum cultivation by over 21% due to this programme", he added.

Standing by his conviction of the special talents the  Mizo Youth have, the Governor conveys  his appreciation to the youth of Mizoram for their stupendous achievements in different disciplines of sports . He proudly parades 50 Gold, 55 Silver and 76 Bronze medals from the National Level competition the youth of Mizoram brought home. And also  re-announced the Subroto Cup International Tournament, 2015 won by Mizoram Under-14 football team.  He expresses his high expectation by saying, "I am confident that they will bring greater honour and glory to the State this year.  It is important that our youth are taught to keep away from alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances which could damage their health and potentials.  The future holds great possibilities for those who strive diligently with perseverance.  I am confident that the youth of Mizoram would utilize their entrepreneurial skills and talent to move on from 'job seekers' to 'job creators' ". "Our prestige is on the rise internationally.  Let us support the National themes of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, of “Start Up India” and “Stand Up India”, where all Indians  can  realize  their hopes and aspirations".

He regretted poor connectivity standards in the state but went on to states that the government is giving its utmost effort  to overcome this deficiency. He said that Connectivity in all dimensions is essential for economic growth and development. And that the Government is making utmost endeavor to create and ensure better connectivity in all its dimensions i.e. land, water, air and digital. He predicted that the Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Transport Project (KMMTTP), once completed, will open up great opportunities for international trade with South Asean Countries and change our State from an “Outpost” to a “Gateway of India.” Further, he added that establishment of Integrated Check Point (ICP) at Kawrpuichhuah in the Indo-Bangladesh border would also facilitate the much awaited border trade withBangladesh

Sounding his concern for the safety of people in the state, the Governor made a strong advisory appeal to people and emphasized the critical importance of adhering to safety guidelines. He said, " I would like to draw attention to the vulnerability of Himalayan States like Mizoram to natural disasters. What has happened in Manipur is a recent example and my Government is conscious of the impending danger.  Apart from the efforts of State Government, it is incumbent on each one of us in the State to prepare befitting responses.  Let us remember that we are in Seismic   Zone  V and therefore prone to disasters.  Let us ensure adherence to disaster safety norms and be conscious that disaster is mitigated by constructing buildings within laid-down norms". 

In his concluding Speech, he appealed, " Remember that progress can be achieved only through united effort.  Let us fight negativity, narrowness, unfair means and disregard to the interest of society.  On the auspicious occasion of our 67th Republic Day let us join hands and resolve to work together with determination and dedication in taking our State and our Nation to greater heights of progress, prosperity and stability".

The Republic Day celebration today was adorned with Ceremonial Parades that includes the participation of 26 Contigents  -  4 armed contingents, 8 unarmed contingents and 11 school contingents which is melodiously supported by 3 Band Parties. The Governor gave away prizes to the winners of the winning  contingents from different categories. Winners of Hockey tournament  and wining essayists among student competitors also received awards from the Governor.