The Mizoram State Commission for Women issued a statement yesterday (10.10.2019) vehemently condemning the death of Pi Lalhlimpuii at the hands of her husband, P.C.Vanlalringa in Zawlpui, Mamit District. Although both of them hail from Pukpui in Lunglei District, they were residing at Zawlpui as the husband, an IR police, was posted there on duty.

The Women Commission’s statement declared that on the night of 6th October (Sunday), around 9-10 PM, P.C.Vanlalringa severely beat up his wife Lalhlimpuii, who was taken to the Zawlnuam hospital but died from her injuries the same night. The postmortem on her body revealed three broken ribs and signs of heavy blows on her stomach. Lalhlimpuii’s body was taken to her family home in Pukpui, Lunglei after the post-mortem.

The Mizoram State Commission for Women has expressed sincere grief over the death of Lalhlimpuii and simultaneously condemned P.C.Vanlalringa for his inhumane abuse of  his wife leading to her death. It was also very unfortunate that the murder had to happen at a time when the Commission was strongly working towards better and stronger rights for women in the state as permitted under the Constitution. The Mizoram State Commission for Women has, therefore, demanded that P.C.Vanlalringa be given severe punishment according to the law and that it will leave no stone unturned to see justice delivered.