On works and educational opportunities in Japan, Dr Vanlaltanpuia, Chairman, MYC and Mr Tomio Isogai, Consultant, National Skill Development Corporation Consultant(NSDC) along with  his colleagues, Mr Kazuko Barisic, Japanese Skill Trainer and Mr Rajeev Gupta, Founder, BITS PILANI held a formal discussion at the MYC Office, Mizoram New Capital Complex, yesterday.

During the meeting of the MYC Chairman and NSDC officials, various works opportunities and Education scopes for the youth of Mizoram in Japan were discussed at length. Dr Vanlaltanpuia, Chairman, MYC on appraising the initiatives for the youth in Mizoram taken by the State Government through MYC, he had assured that the government will continue to look into those options and initiatives as discussed in the meeting.

The NSDC officials were also accompanied by a team of professors from the Mizoram University Incubation Centre, Tanhril.


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