With the aim to conserve energy and maintaining safety while dealing with electric energy, State Designated Agency (SDA) for Energy Conservation, P&E Department organized ‘Seminar on Energy Conservation and Electrical Safety’  for all Officers and Staff within Champhai District yesterday here at I&PR Auditorium, CHANEM Building.

Speaking at the programme, Pu Lalzorama, SE Champhai Power Circle expressed his gratitude to  Electrical Directorate, Aizawl for organizing an important seminar here at Champhai. He urged all the attendees to pay heed and benefit from the teachings imparted by an experts as the topics are relevant in their daily activities.  

Chief Electrical Inspector Pu H.Zonunsanga taught on the topic ‘Electrical Safety & Accident’. He mentioned that a ‘Safety measures Manual’ for P&E Department have been moulded and the draft had been sent for approval, and hoped that the Safety Manual soon to publish would serve the purpose.   He elaborated different Rules and Regulations pertaining to Safety Measures and requested the line workers to be careful, use safety equipments and stay cautious and alert.   

 Also at the Seminar, Pu Vansangliana, Project Co-ordinator, SDA for Energy Conservation defined the   Energy Conservation.  He said that India ranked third in energy Consumption, owing to population growth the consumption is expected to go higher and the need of the hour is to judiciously use energy.      He also explained about Energy Conservation Act 2001, introduced on October 1 March 2002 ,   Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is central agency working for energy conservation, under this     State Designated Agency (SDA) for Energy Conservation, Mizoramah came into force on  February 12, 2008.     The energy Installed capacity of India, 360.788 GW, he said that    74.4 % alone is Coal generated energy and the stock is estimated to get depleted by 200 years from now, he added.  He also highlighted about the current situation in Mizoram, he said that Mizoram at an evarage  requires  100 MW energy per day, while   having Installed capacity of 29.85 MW the actual energy generated is  10 MW , he added. He also mentioned that the State purchased 80 MW per day   expenditure amounting 25 crores per month.  The Resource Person requested the gatherings to check the energy consumption of home aplliances  as 69 % energy consumption is from lighting and household consumption.

The Seminar was chaired by  Pu Laldawngliana, Electrical Inspector,   Pu J.Lalhmachhuana, EE Champhai Power Division-had a short speech and   Pu Lalsangzuala Sailo, JE, Electrical Inspectorate proposed vote of thanks and concluded the Seminar. The forenoon Seminar was conducted solely for School Teachers selected from 30 schools from the town and  LED Bulb , Tube and Ceiling Fans were gifted to them by SDA for  Energy Conservation.  The Seminar was attended by around 130 P&E Staffs from Champhai District.


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