NERIST a luh tum te tan Online Application www.neeonline.ac.in OR www.nerist.ac.in date. 17.2.2023 to 25.4.2023 chhhungin tih theih ani e.

1. NEE-1- Base Module (Certificate) tan Class- X Appeared/Passed
2. NEE-II- B.Tech tan Class-XII (PCM) Appeared/Passed emaw Class XII (Voc)/ITI/NERIST Certificate in the relevant branch/trade Appeared/Passed.
3. NEE-II- B.Sc. (Hons)in Forestry) Class- XII (PCB) Appeared/Passed.
4. NEE-MI (Lateral Entry) B.Tech (3years Diploma in the relevant branch of Engg. & Tech Appeared/Passed.

Hrechiang duh chuan Technical Wing Office Higher & Technical Education (H&TE) Chaltlang Lily Veng ah Office hun chhungin zawhfiah theih ani e.