Vawiin chawhnu khan Excise Minister Pu J.H. Rothuama chuan Excise Commissioner Office tlawhin, Commissioner office chamber-ah commissiorate-a officers te nen thingpui an inho a, officers ten department thil pawimawh leh mamawhte  Minister hnenah an thlen a. Hemi hnu hian Minister chuan Superintendent of Excise office, Vanapa Hall bula mi a tlawh bawk.
Rokhawlhna dang a awm loh chuan International Day Against Drugs Abuse and Illicit Trafficking ni denchhen in ni 26th  June hian Excise & Narcotics Deparment in Ruihlo chi hrang hrang kumkhat chhunga a lo man khawm tawh chu High Court field-ah Minister Pu J.H. Rothuama hova halral  tum a ni. Ni 8th July khian SI chin chunglam Excise & Narcotics officers te chuan Minister Pu J.H. Rothuama hova meeting pawimawh neih an tum.