Dated Serchhip, the 9th November, 2020: Serchhip District Sanitation Task Force meeting in connection with notification of the Mizoram Solid Waste Management Bye Law for their respective district is held today at DC Meeting Hall under the chair of their chairman Mr. Kumar Abhishek, IAS, DC.

The said bye laws and its provision for Serchhip district had been already approved by the joint meeting of district task force and representatives of village councils and NGOs on 2nd August, 2019. A public notice for proposals, complains and other correction suggestion on the approved rates had also been published in the newspapers through I&PR department in 2019. The next step to be taken is just a notification from the Deputy Commissioner for its implementation which is just discuss today.

In today meeting, having another wide public awareness campaign on the matter of Solid Waste Management laws and its provisions before issuing the notification is agreed again and after that a notification shall follows.
The meeting is attended by Mr Lalmuansanga Ralte, MCS Addl DC and other members of the committee.


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