Pi Sangchhin Chinzah, Deputy Commissioner and Chairman of the Serchhip District Sanitation Task Force preliminarily declared Serchhip an Open Defecation Free Plus town today in the District Sanitation Task Force Committee meeting.

In order to attain this level of cleanness from the existing ODF level, there are a numbers of compulsion to achieve and obligations to possess. In order to attain all these requirements, the District Sanitation Task Force in its earlier meeting have been initiated various initiatives such as adoption of Solid Waste Management By laws under Solid Waste Management Rules, 2018, wide publicising of those Rules and sensitisation to the public, construction and or maintenance of Public Toilet to the next level such as installation of wash base and even a looking mirror, Self declaration of all local authorities in their respective area, etc. After all those parameters had been achieved, the sanitation task Force carried another structural audit for toilet facilities for use during public gatherings, etc. Then, they decide to declare themselves an ODF Plus in preliminary level as demanded by the declaration format. On the basis of this meeting Preliminary Resolution, the Chairman of the Committee Pi Sangchhin Chinzah declared an ODF Plus town today.

In order to obtain Final Resolution for the ODF Plus, the preliminary declaration shall be publicising to the public and 15 days of feedback and objections period shall follow. Depending on the feedbacks, Final Resolution shall be declared and submit to the State level authority for verification and final declaration.


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