Legal Metrology Office, Siaha conducted a  surprise check at J.Rama fiiling station, the sole filling station of the district under the supervision of Legal Metrology officers  Shri.  R.Lalnghakliana, Asst.Controller & Shri. LD.Beihrua, Inspector in the afternoon,today here at Siaha.

Today's surprise check was conducted  in order to find out if there is any adulteration of oil or tampering of pump devices. And also to find out whether the quality and quantity of petrol and diesel conform with specified standard laid down.
The quality of oil is checked under Challan Density test and the quantity of oil is checked manually by standartised tools.

After thorough checking and test, the Legal metrology officials confirmed that J.Rama  filling station satisfactorily conformed with all the  specified norms and standards  prescribed.

At today's surprise checking exercise, not only Ground Tanky's  oil, but also newly arrived , unloaded Lorry Tank's  oil also was checked and found  to be good.

Petrol pump hi is and will be subjected to frequent surprise checks  in order to prevent underhand practices and any discrepancies.

Moreover, to up the ante in quality checking, Oil tanker can only unload her goods after  legal metrology officials checked and confirmed its  conformity with prescribe standards.


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