The Sixth Session of the Sixth Mizoram Legislative Assembly continued with its fifth sitting today. In the morning session between 10:30am and 1:00pm, as much as six (6) questions were answered, two (2) papers were laid on the Table of the House and one (1) Official Resolution was adopted unanimously.
Answering a question from K. Liantlinga MLA, DP&AR Minister H. Liansailova stated that the Administrative Training Institute (ATI) had organised 78 courses of training in 2008 - 09, 82 in 2009 - 10 and 52 in 2010 -11. And answering supplementary questions, he mentioned that new courses and trainers may also be employed according to the need.

FCS&CA Minister H. Rohluna answered questions from Lalthansanga, MLA on Petrol, Diesel and LPG and stated that 4 arrests were made between Jan-Aug 2010 in connection to illegal trading of POL. Regarding LPG, he stated that Supply department filed cases against 11 persons and Legal Metrology department had also filed a case against 1 illegal trader and penalized 19 adulterers.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Lalsawta answered a question from P.P. Thawla MLA and stated that Discretionary Fund for the Deputy Government Chief Whip was not provided in any Rules and that the Government will look into it if required.

Answering Lalduhoma MLA, Chief Minister and Finance Minister Lal Thanhawla explained that since 2009, there was no unreleased Central Fund on the ground of the State's impotency to release its matching share.

Questions from K. Lalrinthanga MLA regarding Serlui 'B' Hydel Project were answered by Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla, also the Power & Electricity Minister. He said that Serlui 'B' Hydel Project was estimated at Rs. 191.13 Crores, and the Project is hoped to be inaugurated within October, 2010. The cost of electricity will be Rs. 4.33 per unit per expenditure cost. He also said that Serlui 'B' Hydel Project will also be utilized by other departments such as Tourism, Fisheries and Agriculture.

After the Question Hour, Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla's paper "Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram Annual Report 2009 - 2010" and Social Welfare Minister Lalrinliana Sailo's paper "The Mizoram Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Rules, 2010"  were laid on the Table of the House.

The House also unanimously adopted an Official Resolution presented by Lalsawta, Parliamentary Affairs Minister in the form as it was presented that "The House expresses its gratitude and appreciation to the Central Government for approving the scheme and awarding the funds required under the 'Comprehensive and Integrated Socio-Economic Development Project under the New Land Use Policy (NLUP) of Government of Mizoram' to be implemented in Mizoram State for alleviation of poverty from the financial year of 2010-2011"