In the wake of the fight against spread of COVID-19 in the state, Social Welfare Minister Dr. K. Beichhua today visited different orphanages in Saiha on the occasion of Easter Sunday to gauge their situation and needs during lockdown.

SWD Minister Dr.K.Beichhua first visited the Ebenezer Children's Home, New Colony Siaha, which was started by the government in 2014 as a 'Shelter Home'. It presently has 11 workers and 12 children (4 boys + 8 girls) between the ages of 5-14.

The Minister next visited the Grace Children's Home at College and inspected the ongoing renovation works, for which Rs.10 lakhs had been earlier granted through the Social Welfare department. The Home had been started by the ECM KNP Headquarters in 1992 as a shelter for motherless babies. At present, there are 5 boys and 10 girls being looked after by 6 department officials, 2 nurses and 11 workers in the Home. Dr.K.Beichhua also visited the Salvation Army's Orphanage Boys Home, ECM Vaih, Siaha, which presently has 10 workers and 9 between the ages of 7-14.

The staff and workers in all the Homes informed the Minister that they had adequate food and rations, and the latter in turn assured them that he was personally monitoring the conditions in all the Homes across the state and every help will be extended to these if the need arose. The Social Welfare Minister also handed over Rs.6000 to the Ebenezer Children's Home, Rs.7000 to the Grace Children's Home and Rs.9500 to the Orphanage Boys Home from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

In his Easter Home visits today, the SWD Minister was accompanied by Dr. Sahlu Khaila, DVO, Pu N. Vabeiratlua, IPRO, Dr. David Zaitinvawra, DCPO, ICPS, Pi Hepaw Hlychho, CO ICDS, Pu NT. Thatlua, Ex-MDC & GS, MNF Siaha, Pu Francis Lâpi, Joint Secretary, MNF Siaha and Pu Beichhuatha Hlychho, Maraland Editor.



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