Transport Minister Pu TJ Lalnuntluanga today held a consultation meeting with Chief Secretary Lalnunmawia Chuaungo, Members of the Task Group on Transport, officials of the Home and Supply departments and the Mizoram Truck Drivers’ Association representatives to discuss the import of essential goods into the state during lockdown.

The Transport Minister Pu TJ Lalnuntluanga voiced great concern over the safety of the drivers and other workers involved in the import and supply of food and other essential commodities into the state. They are the frontliners and as much at high risk as the medical & security personnel and task forces, and hence must be given utmost care too, he added.

Chief Secretary Pu Lalnunmawia Chuaungo also stated that as there could be no certainty of when the lockdown could be finally lifted, and as food and essential commodities need to be ferried in and out of the state continuously, there is always a risk of contagion. The state government is also very concerned about the Mizos stuck in various cities across the country and a concrete procedure of extracting them and bringing them safely home to Mizoram is being discussed, he said.

In today's meeting, the newly drafted Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for import of goods into Mizoram was thoroughly discussed. Safety measures for the drivers and workers involved were also suggested and these would be incorporated in the SoP soon.