Mizoram thailaiten mahni kut kawih ngei a eizawnna kawng an dap theihna atana pui turin “Start Up India, Mizoram Yatra” kalpui mek a ni. Yatra hian 25th February 2019 atanga 5th March 2019 thleng a awh ang. 

Start Up India, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Government of India leh EDS Cell, Planning & Programme Implementation, Government of Mizoram tang kawp in a buatsaih, Start-Up India Mizoram Yatra chu ni 25 February, 2019 zing dar 10:00 a.m. khan Pu T.J. Lalnuntlanga, Minister of State, Law & Judicial, Parliamentary Affairs, Transport leh Environment, Forest & Climate Change in hawnna “Flag Off” hun neiin “Start-Up Yatra Van” a vailiam a. 

Minister in a vai liam hnu hian Van hian Aizawl khawpui chhung fang in, Govt. J Thankima College leh Synod Higher Secondary School-ah van stop neih nghal a ni a. Ni 22.02.2019 ah  Govt. Kolasib College ah pawh van stop neih tawh niin, Govt Champhai College ah ni 26.02.2019 ah kal lehin, Lunglei Govt. College ah ni 27.02.2019 ah programme neih leh a ni bawk.

Vawiin  hian Aizawl ah booth camp neih a ni a. Naktuk (28 February 2019) hian Lunglei ah booth camp neih a ni leh ang a. Ni 5 March 2019 hian Aizawl ah Grand Finale neih a ni ang. Grand Finale hi Pu Lalchhandama Ralte, Minister of State, Labour, Employment, Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, School Education, leh P&S chuan khuallian niin a hmanpui ang. Booth camp leh grand finale ah hian intihsiakna hrang hrang neih tur a ni a. Category hrang hrangah Award siam a ni ang. Award siam te chu: (1) Start Up Hero of the State (Rs 1 lakh); (2) Most Innovative Idea – Agriculture (1st Rs 70000, 2nd Rs 50000, 3rd Rs 30000); (3) Most Innovative Idea – Technology (1st Rs 70000, 2nd Rs 50000, 3rd Rs 30000); (4) Most Innovative Idea – Social (1st Rs 70000, 2nd Rs 50000, 3rd Rs 30000); (5) Top Women Entrepreneur (1st Rs 70000, 2nd Rs 50000, 3rd Rs 30000) te a ni ang. Intihsiakna a tel tur hian van stop hrang hrangah thalai in register an thahnem hle a, mi 300 chuang tel an awm tawh a ni. Registration hi boot camp ah ‘on the spot registration’ pawh tih theih zel a ni bawk ang.

He Start up Yatra hian a tum ber chu entrepreneurship lama awareness pek leh zirlai/hetiang lama tui mi te competition hmang a hmasawn thei tur a chher chhuah hi a ni. Van in a tlawh kual na apiangah Start-up India Mizoram Yatra Competition atan registration a tih theih nghal zel a, Van in a tlawh kual zawh hian Aizawl ah ni 27.02.2019 hian Aijal Club ah nilengin Boot Camp leh Competition huaihawt a ni ang. Lunglei ah ni 28.02.2019 ah Lunglei Govt. College ah Boot Camp neih a ni thung ang. Boot camp ah hian intihsiakna buatsaih in, a tling chho zel te chu Grand Finale 05.03.2019 ah neih a ni anga, certificate leh cash prize category chi hrang hrangah sem nghal a ni ang.


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